The Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat – What Really Works

Just about everybody wants to lose a little, or maybe even a lot of fat from their tummy area. You probably think about it almost every day. Maybe you even wonder about how it would be possible to start losing your belly weight when you get dressed or look in the mirror each morning. It can be discouraging and downright frustrating because it is not an overnight process. We live in a time when everyone seems obsessed with their looks and a time when everyone just wants a plain, quick fix. There is no one easy answer. However, the best exercise to lose belly fat and what really works in my opinion, is good old-fashioned walking.

Start Losing Belly Fat With A Brisk Walk best exercise to lose belly fat

In order to start losing your belly fat, you first need to start losing some weight. That is going to involve some cardiovascular exercise which will help you begin burning fat stores in your body. You can’t spot remove fat from a particular area of your body, but if you start getting regular cardiovascular exercise, you will start to shed fat from all over your body and this will apply to your stomach area as well. From my experience, the absolute easiest form of cardio exercise is walking. It doesn’t cost anything, it’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine and it is relatively stress less on your body.
The simplest way to understand what cardiovascular exercise is, is to think of it basically as any exercise that raises your heartbeat for a consistent period of time. You shouldn’t be winded to the point of not being able to talk, but you should feel it as you exert yourself. The goal is not to pound your body until you’re ready to drop. You just want to get your heartbeat up and feel some sweat. Our bodies and muscles were designed to move. It just feels good when you move around, doesn’t it? And if we want to keep our bodies in shape, we need to move. Cardio is an aerobic exercise that strengthens your heart. The heart is actually a muscle and its strength can be radically improved through exercise. When your heart is stronger, you can efficiently have more oxygen going to the cells in your body and in the long term, this helps burn more fat while exercising and while at rest. Now who wouldn’t want to increase fat loss during rest?

There are many different forms of cardio such as running, cycling, high intensity interval training, stair climbers and swimming but my absolute favorite, and also the safest, is walking. Whether you use a treadmill or just a sidewalk in your neighborhood, get out there and do a brisk walk. Raise your heartbeat and begin to start shedding some fat.

How Much Should You Walk?

Going for a brisk walk is a great way to reduce anxiety, sleep better at nighttime, help prevent disease, feel better overall and of course, help you lose belly fat. In 2018, the Physical Activities Guidelines for Americans outlined that adults should aim to do at least 150-300 minutes of brisk aerobic activity per week. Or if you prefer vigorous activity, it would be 75-150 minutes per much should you walk

Brisk walking is a fantastic way to burn body fat, in particular stored fat. But you’ve got to keep two things in mind in order to burn visceral fat (the kind that’s deep inside around your waist):

  1. Your heartbeat needs to stay elevated in your fat burning zone and
  2. You need to walk long enough to dip into your reserved fat stores

My advice for losing belly fat and weight in general, is to start with 30 minutes of solid, fast-paced walking, 4-5 times per week. From my personal experience, when I wanted to see results quicker, I increased my rapid walking to 45 minutes at a rate of 4.0 on my treadmill. This small time increase really started to make big changes in my waistline. I now enjoy pounding out 60 minutes of speed walking, 5 days per week. This has made an amazing difference in my weight loss and also in my ability to keep it off for good. I understand that finding that kind of time can be a challenge, but you can also break this down into 15 minutes chunks throughout the day. The goal is just to get moving, because once you get into a fat burning heart rate zone, you will be torching calories and losing fat. Keep it up over the course and a month a see what a difference it will make to your waist, and body in general.

When You Should Get Your Fat Burning Exercise

If you start doing a quick walk for at least five days a week, you will start burning belly fat, begin losing weight, and you will receive the necessary amount of exercise that will help reduce many health risks. It’s really a win-win scenario! Since the fat burning zone overlaps with the moderate intensity zone, you can do this exercise every day if you like, or every other day. Just be sure to incorporate some muscle building exercises at least twice a week to help keep you lean and toned in the long run. This way your muscles will remain strong, which also helps with fat burning.

If you are brand new to walking, be sure to check with your doctor first to ensure you’re healthy enough to begin an aerobic program. Start slowly and exercise for shorter periods of time until you build up your endurance. Also, try not to miss more than one day in between. Of course, if you find yourself exhausted, take a day off. But the goal is to get regular exercise on most days of the week. But you can pick what works best for your lifestyle.

Tips To Burn More Calories While Walking

The amount of calories that you will burn while walking is going to depend on your level of intensity, the length of time you walk and also your weight. If you want to increase the calories that your burn while walking, you can always incorporate holding small hand weights, using fitness walking poles, increasing your incline and lengthening the distance that you walk. That’s the versatility and beauty of walking. It’s customizable and simple to do. tips to burn more calories while walking

If you find that you don’t have enough time to do a 45 minute walk each day, then break the time down. Try doing at least two 15 minute fast-paced walks each day. Use the stairs wherever you go. Park your car farther from the door. Not only will you be getting more steps into your day but you’ll be burning calories, losing belly fat with walking and meeting the recommended level of physical daily activity.


When you decide to incorporate brisk walking into your daily routine, you will start to shed pounds and slim down your belly fat. If you’re just beginning, start slowly and build up your strength and endurance. Every day that you get going, you will feel stronger, healthier and best of all, you will be slimming down. Walking briskly just 30 minutes most days will burn a lot of extra calories for the week, which will ultimately improve your metabolism, get your weight moving downward, and help you to reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease and more. Just commit to get yourself going and you will start to reap the rewards.

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