Belly Fat Exercises

A typical weight loss journey might look like this:

  1. Make a goal to lose weight
  2. Buy new exercise gear
  3. Join a gym or fitness center
  4. Exercise like crazy with emphasis on ab crunches



Sound familiar?

Exercising too much can actually be counterproductive. Why? Because your body becomes fatigued and exercise is super hard work.

Most people don’t want to spend hours in the gym, sweating, lifting and doing cardio. It’s grueling work and can leave you tired with body aches and possible injury. Getting in some exercise each day is great and has a lot of health benefits. But new research is showing that small, high intensity intervals is actually more effective than hour long cardio routines.

Within this site, I’ll be talking about exercises that work and don’t work. It’s what I’ve experimented with over the years and I’ll let you in on what can help you tone your stomach, especially after having a baby.

Most people fail on diets and give up quickly only to search for the next “magic” bullet. But the truth is, you can lose belly fat by just doing simple exercise like power walking. No fancy gyms or exhausting workouts are required. That in combination with cutting back on your sugar intake, is an amazing way to get started.

I’ve tried so many different exercises and regimes over the years that I’ve lost count. But I still love to get a good power walk in and I highly recommend it. Ten minutes a day at a pace that gets your heart pumping is very effective and will leave you feeling refreshed.

If you’ve tried a particular exercise that you’ve had success with in losing belly fat, please let me know so that I can share it with others.